How to write your CV

You can find plenty of advice about writing an effective CV on the internet. Most job boards offer some good tips (Monster, Jobsite, Total) to get you started. We can offer you further advice and guidance on how to present yourself effectively to potential employers. A few brief tips for you : -

  • ensure that your CV is relevant for the job you are applying for - tailor it if necessary
  • write a brief personal statement/profile - sell yourself.
  • keep the CV to 2 pages - 3 maximum.
  • facts and figures - ensure that you highlight achievements. These should be shown as either percentages or actual figures. Employers want to know what you have done and what you are able to do for them!
  • layout - it should be easy to read, no typos or spelling errors, grammatically correct and to the point!
  • Bullet points look better than lots of blocked text