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Why is Professional Development Important?

Posted on July 15, 2016

Why is Professional Development Important? 7 Reasons to Explain

You are bright. You are determined. Trouble is, you are a bit bored too. That niggling sense that you should level-up your professional skills is there for a reason. And hey, completing a professional development course isn’t just exciting, it can be hugely stimulating for your career, your confidence and your connection with the world of work. With the sheer number of courses available (thanks internet!), finding the study option that fits your goals has never been such a doddle.

So, here are the 7 reasons why professional development is so important and what you can achieve by completing a course.

1. Dose up on self-belief

Those people who say you never stop learning tend to be the ones who sit at the same desk, talking to the same people, going through the same motions - day after day. A professional development course will broaden your repertoire of skills, sharpen your expertise and give you a deeper understanding of the thing you do for a living. That opens lots of new opportunities. You become an authority. And knowing that you have a deeper understanding of your profession is a potent tonic for your self-confidence.

2. More skills = more pay

We have no idea how much spare cash your HR department has. But we do know one thing. Skilled professionals with a deep understanding of their role and knowledge of the latest best practice command bigger salaries. Expertise will always be in demand. And lots of employers pay handsomely to hire the crème de la crème, so that means more on your pay slip each month.

3. Eat up those rungs

Adding extra brawn to your professional skillset doesn’t just help your bank balance. It can help you progress into managerial or leadership roles with more responsibility and job satisfaction - whether that’s via a promotion with your current employer or taking on a more senior role somewhere new.  

4. Treat yourself to some new opportunities  

Career trajectories are rarely linear these days. Lots of professionals hop from career to career to keep themselves energised or find work that is more emotionally rewarding. Learning new skills will always open doors. Especially when those skills are transferable across sectors and professions. It’s especially important if you are feeling a bit trapped in your current career.  

5. Give your business some TLC

What’s good for you is good for your employer. Your newly enhanced breadth of expertise and industry insight could help land new clients, tackle industry problems with novel answers and blow away the cobwebs from that decades-old growth plan. There’s no reason your influence can’t make an impression right at the top of the chain.

6. Meet your next whatever

Networking can often be an unwanted necessity that comes with business. But whether you study online or in a magnolia-walled, blue-seated classroom somewhere - enrolling in a professional development course gives you the chance to meet new faces. That might end up being your next business partner. Your next client. Maybe even your next romance. Who knows?

7. Get your boast on

Updating your LinkedIn profile with your new achievement will be a proud moment. Narcissistic? Nonsense! It’s worth it for the moment your former colleagues and ex-partner get the glorious news delivered straight to their inbox. This is your time.

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