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New Year's Resolutions - What's in Store for the CathApps Team in 2016!

Posted on January 14, 2016

It might only be the second week of January but those New Year’s resolutions you swore you would stick to are now perhaps starting to feel more like an off-the-cuff suggestion instead. So what if 2015 spilled in to 2016? Has the absolute necessity of removing all temptation including excess wine, chocolate and cheese meant you are now starting to feel slightly less enthused by the idea of marching to the gym, signing up to that course you promised you’d do or putting the wine glasses out of reach…

People are most likely to fail on the third Friday of the month, when willpower dwindles and old habits are too easily slipped back in to so how can this be avoided?

We looked at the sort of resolutions we had made in our office and whether they kept in line with the general consensus that setting small, manageable goals makes you far more likely to succeed than setting total personal overhauls.

We are quite fitness focussed at CathApps and the fanatics of us have all gone with sport related goals – for Carol, her first marathon is booked in for September and I quote, “I would say three half marathon’s or perhaps a mix of 10k’s and half’s throughout the year alongside my regular training should mean I'm ready for 26 miles in the Autumn!". To the rest of us, that sounds crazy, but joining her will be the unstoppable force of Jo Howell who, having completed her first half marathon last year, hopes to do a further three in 2016 to make way for her first marathon in 2017.

Jamie has chosen a slightly muddier approach and is going to complete his first (and probably last!) ‘Tough Mudder’ this August.

Jo Caine is aiming for the “usual stuff” - getting more active, being healthy and drinking less. She also wants to make the most of her fabulous VW campervan and explore more of the walking routes along the South West coastline.

For me (Ellie) I have decided that after living in Devon for three years, it’s time to master the art of surfing. Rather than brave the cold waters of Cornwall, I’m going to escape to sunny Biarritz for surf camp then buy a 10mm wetsuit before attempting it at home!

None of us are going to be getting on Katie’s bad side this year, she is continuing with a new hobby of kickboxing and her goal is to start doing her grading belts to keep her motivated.

Jayne, who has a degree in Fine Art, has decided it’s time she re-discovers her love of photography so is going to buy a new SLR camera and get snap happy… we know what we’ll be getting for Christmas next year if she sticks to this one!

The office division are clearly on a mission to conquer all this year as Lynsey has vowed to keep playing more Pool and compete in some more local and regional competitions. She has clarified though, this isn’t an excuse to spend more time in the pub!

For Vicki Ruggles, it’s giving something up. Notably, her mobile phone… having been sucked in to the all-consuming world of social media, she thinks it’s about time she went back to enjoying the company of those around her when she’s with them rather than constantly checking Facebook updates!

Ben has a far simpler goal (perhaps)… for him, his sights for 2016 are firmly set on an OverFinch RangeRover.

Vicky Newton takes a different view – “I don’t do NYRs! I think if you want to do something or make a change, you do it any time of year!”

In the most part, we have all chosen SMART goals and rather than taking on a huge challenge (aside from Ben perhaps) and research has shown it’s far easier to achieve smaller and more manageable goals. Doing things gradually makes you far more likely to succeed than taking on a huge task so focus on achieving something week by week. A study by the University of Bristol in 2007 found that 88% of people failed to stick to a resolution but for those who did, it found people were 30% more likely to stick to a resolution they make with another person or group than trying to do it alone.

So what about everyone else? What have you chosen to take up, give up or achieve over the next twelve months? Learn a new language? Take up a new hobby or sport? Lose weight? Or maybe you have vowed to change career? With any of those goals, you’re most likely to succeed by getting advice or help from a professional in that field and if your goal is to find a new role, perhaps we can help! At Cathedral Appointments we have over 90 years’ combined experience in recruiting a range of professional service roles and whether you need some tips on writing a CV or how to prepare for an interview, or if you just want to know what the options are, why don’t you get in touch?

There are plenty of challenges ahead of us in the office and we are going to all keep each other going to make sure 2016 is the most successful year yet! We will report back on our progress throughout the year and see how we are all getting on with our goals!