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New year, new career: a 4-step fitness bootcamp for your professional life

Posted on December 22, 2016

New year, new career: a 4-step fitness bootcamp for your professional life

2017 will soon be upon us and as usual most of the population will be making their new year resolutions which are often fitness and career related. If you are feeling sweaty about the state of your career, a bootcamp for your professional fitness as well as the physical side of things may be in order.

Here’s a four-step plan that anyone can follow. Limber up.

1. Get your CV in shape  

Succeeding in the gym is about focus - whether you want to bulk up your arms or tone your legs. The first bit of your professional life to whip into shape, is your CV. All you need is a solid hour or so.  

Revisit your CV and look at it critically. Is it up to date? Does it really communicate your best achievements? Are there any key skills you have that are missing from the page? Is it as short and sweet as it should be? Take a deep breath and push for the CV burn.

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2. Consider your career path

Rowing machine or weights? Cross trainer or bikes? Gym or outdoor personal trainer?  Bulking up or toning down? Just as you make decisions to sculpt your fitness future, you need to make decisions to craft a healthy, happy career future too.

Do you have a specific area you’d like to work in? Would you rather a desk job or something that involves being on your feet? Do you want to travel or work remotely? Would you prefer to be part of a team or go solo? Do you yearn to escape the rat race and do something more emotionally rewarding?

Decisions, decisions.

You don’t have to go it alone. Just like an induction at the gym removes some of your anxieties about how the treadmill works, chatting with a recruitment and careers expert can make you feel far more confident and clued-up about the professional direction you’d like to take.

Here at Cathedral Appointments, we have a range of career experts across a range of disciplines who you can talk to without paying a penny. Meet the team:

Joanne Caine | LinkedIn

“I recruit Senior HR, Marketing, Commercial and Executive roles for a number of commercial, public and not for profit organisations across the South West.”

Susie Ford | LinkedIn 

“My specialities include recruitment of Solicitors, Partners and Legal Executives as well as salary advice and guidance about the legal sector in the South West.”

Vicki Ruggles | LinkedIn

“I recruit Logistics, Engineering and Manufacturing professionals at middle and senior level.”

Lynsey Skinner | LinkedIn 

“I recruit IT positions at all levels and Senior Office positions for a wide variety of businesses.”

Jo Howell | LinkedIn

“I specialise in the recruitment of Accountancy and Financial Services positions at all levels.

Dani Obsorne | LinkedIn

“My recruitment specialities include Marketing (digital and traditional), In house Agency positions and a range of HR, Talent and L&D roles .”

Dan Toze | LinkedIn

“My specialities include Manufacturing, Production Management, Production Supervisors, Health and Safety specialists, Purchasing and Supply Chain recruitment.”

Sophia Damshenas | LinkedIn

“My remit is purely on the legal sector throughout the South West and I recruit Paralegals, Legal Secretaries and Support Staff for a wide range of legal firms.”

Katie Fletcher | LinkedIn 

“I recruit a wide range of office roles including Administrators, Customer Services, Receptionists, Sales Administrators etc.”

Darragh Moss | LinkedIn

“I’m the sales specialist for Cathedral Appointments and recruit Sales Executives, Sales Managers, Business Development and Retail Managers for the region.”

Jayne Marshall | LinkedIn 

“As well as resourcing candidates across the business, I am also responsible for transactional finance roles.”

3. Get some new gear 

You’re not going to perform as well as you could on the rowing machine if you’re wearing a ski suit. Likewise you’re not going to give the best impression of yourself in an interview if you’re not dressed appropriately (and no, that doesn’t always mean wearing a suit). Use the January sales to update your professional wardrobe if necessary. Looking sharp on the outside can make you feel sharp on the inside too.

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4. Start preparing for your interview 

Interviews aren’t easy. But they don’t need to be as hard as you think either. The key to performing your best is preparation: researching the company you have applied for, learning how to summarise your professional achievements and anticipating some of the questions you may be asked. Every professional athlete and gym rat knows the importance of warming up before they perform.

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